Little Things Catholics do.

Cross yourself when entering or even passing a church. Have a crucifix, in your pocket, in your room, in every room, etc. Use holy water to cross and bless yourself. Keep holy water for use throughout the day. Have holy cards. Have Images and statues of saints. Know, and tell stories about Saints .Nativity scenes. […]

Data proving science’s tremendous benefit from the Church’s patronage

Important figures St. Albert the Great: knew everything. Taught St. ThomasRoger Bacon: invented the scientific methodPasteur: invented microbiology, epidemiology, Pasteurization. Loved the rosaryFr. Georges Lemeitre SJ: invented the big bang theory. Friend of Einstein, who admired his workAvogadro: Avogadro’s ConstantGregor Mendel: invented genetics. A monkCopernicus: invented the solar system (a Copernican revolutionGalileo: Descartes: invented […]

Tradition unites generations

They wanted a better life for their kids: all generations do, but they witnessed so much change and upheaval Greatest generation: lived and grew up through the Great Depression, and both world wars. They were the last generation where most people lived generally the way their ancestors basically always had, farming with animal powered tools. […]

From Committee Culture To A Policy Of Promotion:

From Committee Culture To A Policy Of Promotion: How Can The Parish Foster The Formation And Initiative Of Its Members That They May Be Fully Alive? First of all, if being fully alive is the goal, what does it mean? Ultimately is it not merely, “their time is now filled with parish activities,” or, “they […]

Reasons to love crying babies in church

It shows our parish is alive. We are pro-life, this is literally the voice of the next generation. Family is God’s plan, and it is good. We support it. Pro-creation, cooperating with God in the creation of a brand new, unrepeatable, utterly unique human person, like you, is literally the highest, most powerful thing we […]

Levels of encounter:

Have heard person’s name: maybe they existHave heard about this personHave thought about what you heardHave talked about this personHave thought about this person as though they may exist Have talked about this person as they may existHave talked to this person as though they may existHave seen this personHave met this personHave heard this […]

why sing the Mass?

Tl;dr, just read this bishop’s work,,liturgy%20and%20in%20our%20hearts. who has put together everything here in a shorter, nicer way. NB, the above is only part 1, to read the whole thing at once, see here You might also start with this one for an expedited more legal/practical look at what the Church instructs us to […]

Is Hierarchy Harsh?

Clericalism is a terrible thing. It is the attitude that clerics are automatically better people and everyone else is less for not being one. It manifests in several disturbing ways, not only in a stuck up cleric who views certain tasks or people as beneath him or himself as entitled to special treatment. It also […]