Stewardship Committee

Pslam 116:12

How can I repay the Lord for all the blessings he has bestowed on me?


To educate, foster and develop in our parishioners a sense of belonging, commitment, and involvement in our Christian community resulting in stewardship as a way of life.

The Stewardship Committee focuses on educating parishioners about stewardship as a way of life through its Annual Stewardship Renewal each fall. Other learning opportunities are offered to parishioners to encourage living as a disciple of Christ and sharing of time, talent and treasure.

Who is a Christian steward? One who receives God's gifts gratefully, cherishes and tends them in a responsible manner, shares them in justice and love with others, and returns them with increase to the Lord. (From Stewardship, A Disciple's response, USCCB Pastoral Letter on Stewardship)


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Learn more about the importance of stewardship and how to support God's great work through support of your church family.
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