Data proving science’s tremendous benefit from the Church’s patronage

Important figures

St. Albert the Great: knew everything. Taught St. Thomas
Roger Bacon: invented the scientific method
Pasteur: invented microbiology, epidemiology, Pasteurization. Loved the rosary
Fr. Georges Lemeitre SJ: invented the big bang theory. Friend of Einstein, who admired his work
Avogadro: Avogadro’s Constant
Gregor Mendel: invented genetics. A monk
Copernicus: invented the solar system (a Copernican revolution
Descartes: invented graphing
André-Marie Ampère: one of several inventors of electrodynamics. Invented numerous electronics, e.g. solenoid, telegraph. Amps are named after him
Blase Pascal: pioneer of probability theory and gas law. Pascals named after him
Marconi: invented radio
Bles. Nicholas Steno: invented geology and stratigraphy. Also a bishop
Lejeune: discovered link between chromosomes and disease, namely Down’s Syndrome
Galvani: pioneer of bioelectricity. Galvanization named after him
Volta: a pioneer of electricity and power. Invented the battery. Volts are named after him

Honorable mentions ((Theists+) believers faithful to some degree, but not Catholic, or even necessarily Christian)

Monasteries did basically everything until the universities they founded became better funded than the monasteries