Little Things Catholics do.

Cross yourself when entering or even passing a church.
Have a crucifix, in your pocket, in your room, in every room, etc.
Use holy water to cross and bless yourself.
Keep holy water for use throughout the day.
Have holy cards.
Have Images and statues of saints.
Know, and tell stories about Saints .
Nativity scenes.
Have a Rosary in pocket, on car mirror, favorite spot at home, all of the above, etc.
Offer it up.
Abstain from meat on Fridays and other days.
Go on pilgrimages.
Offer to pray with and for you.
Bible study.
Pray Hail Mary, or Our Father, or other prayer, when they hear a siren.
Have gone to, or know someone who went to the Catholic school.
Have a saint’s name and/or name kids after saints.
Know and celebrate historical events.
Be friends with religious brothers and sisters.
Be friends with priests.
Go to confession.
Get married in church.
Give to those in need – time, attention, effort, and money.
Call Mary mom.