Reasons to love crying babies in church

It shows our parish is alive.
We are pro-life, this is literally the voice of the next generation.
Family is God’s plan, and it is good. We support it.
Pro-creation, cooperating with God in the creation of a brand new, unrepeatable, utterly unique human person, like you, is literally the highest, most powerful thing we can do by nature (of which human nature is capable). It is the primary purpose of marriage, and at weddings, the Church calls it, “the one blessing not forfeited by original sin.“
They belong here, as part of God’s family just as much, and more, than they belong to their family at home.
It gives us opportunity to be patient.
It gives us opportunity to be humble, every one of us began as a crying baby.
It draws us out of ourselves to notice and care for others. How can you help parents fulfill their noble vocation?
This is some of the sound of little ones learning to be Christians.
Jesus loves the little children. He makes a point several times of emphasizing it, and it is essential for our salvation, for example, the teaching that, unless you become like little children, you cannot enter the kingdom of God.” What does that mean, that we should cry and scream too? In a way, that is, to God, yes. (Crying children are honest).
Crying babies remind us of our relationship with God the Father, we are his children. Consider how much you love your child, even when they cry. Sometimes in a way even because they try. Not just because they cry to you, they thought to come to you for comfort, which is gratifying in a way, but because you love them, their cries, their very need brings out your love, awakens pity which moves you to act the opposite of selfishly. Where do you suppose that comes from? Love is who God is.

When we pray, so often we are asking for things, or complaining; we are like little children who are crying but don’t know why. We expect God to help us, and are tempted to be even more upset when we don’t feel like he’s helping us the way we want him to, like a little child who wants candy at the grocery store might flop on the floor and cry in a tantrum. Like us with our children, we know better than they do what is good and good for them, we aren’t commanded by their cries, we might even chuckle a little bit at them in our patience when they are ridiculous.

When they are real cries of pain and sadness though, consider how you would act for your child then. “If you who are wicked know how to give good things to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father ?”